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Mars Rover-Exploring Mars Geology
Lab 4 - Planetary Geologist

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Discussion Prompts


  • How does your project use the [My Block] to complete the challenge? 
  • How did you add blocks and change parameters to have the Code Base rover drive to each of the Disks? 
  • What happens in our project when the condition of the [If then] block is False? What happens when the condition is True?


  • What would happen if you changed the blocks in your [My Block]? How would that change the behavior of the robot? Why would you want to change something in your [My Block]?
  • What other ways could you use the Eye Sensor with the Electromagnet to help the Code Base accomplish a task?
  • If you were going to do this challenge again, how would you change your project?


  • What was one challenge your group faced while creating and testing your VEXcode GO project? How did you solve the problem together?
  • How has your group's project changed from the start of the Lab until now? How did you work together to make your project more successful in the challenge? 
  • What is one way that you were a problem solver in your group to complete the challenge?
  • If a new student joined your group, how would you explain what a [My Block] in VEXcode GO is, and why you would use one in a project?