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Robot Arm
Lab 4 - Using the Eye Sensor

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Discussion Prompts


  • What condition did you use in your project? How did that condition use the data from the Eye Sensor?
  • Can you explain, in words, what happened on your Robot Arm when the condition was True? What about if it was False? What was different?
  • How does the Eye Sensor make the Robot Arm more useful?


  • What other ways could you use an Eye Sensor to help you accomplish a task?
  • What could you add to your code to use the Eye Sensor data in different ways? What if you wanted to check a condition more than once?
  • What was something you needed to add to your code today that surprised you, or that you hadn’t thought about before? Explain how your thinking changed.


  • What problem-solving strategies did your group use today? What was a struggle for you? What will you change for next time?
  • What is something you changed in your group work based on your experiences in previous Labs? How did that change work out? Why was it better or worse?
  • Are you finding that you prefer a role within the Labs? What could we do to help each other get more comfortable with different roles?