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Cube Collector
Lesson 1: Introduction


In this Unit, you will learn how to play in the Cube Collector competition with your Clawbot. Each match in the Cube Collector competition consists of a driver control run and an autonomous run. In this Unit, you will iterate on your driver strategy, code, and game strategy to maximize your score in the competition! Watch the animation below to see an example of a Cube Collector competition match. 

Video file

In the Cube Collector competition, your robot will compete to get the highest score!

  • Drive your robot to move, sort, and stack cubes in the scoring areas.
  • Code your robot to score cubes autonomously.
  • The team with the most combined points at the end of both the driver control and autonomous runs, wins!

What is an Engineering Notebook?

Watch this video below to learn about what an engineering notebook is and why you should use an engineering notebook.

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