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Tug of War
Lesson 2: Pulling Objects with the BaseBot


In the last section, you learned about the forces at play on your robot and how unbalanced forces can cause the robot to move. Now, you are going to apply what you have learned in the Rope Attachment activity.

In this activity, you will see how far an IQ Motion Bin can be pulled in five seconds, based on how and where a rope from the IQ Kit was attached to your robot to create an unbalanced force. 

Watch the video below to see how you can apply what you have learned to complete the Rope Attachment practice activity.


Now it's your turn to complete the Rope Attachment practice activity!

Follow the steps in this document to complete this practice activity. Google Doc / .docx / .pdf

Pulling Kit Side

As you complete the practice activity, document the following in your engineering notebook:

  • the design of your attachment
  • how far the bin was moved
  • observations during your test runs

View this image for an example of how you can record your results.

imge of trila 1 & 2 with rope attachment in Engineering Notebook

Prepare for the Challenge

In Compete (on the next page), you will choose your rope attachment design and placement, then compete to pull an IQ Motion Bin the farthest with your BaseBot. Learn how to compete in the Robot Tractor Pull challenge, check your understanding, then practice for the challenge.

Watch this animation to see how your robot should move in the Robot Tractor Pull Challenge.

Follow the steps in this document to learn more about how to complete this challenge. Google Doc / .docx / .pdf

Video file

Check Your Understanding

Before beginning the challenge, ensure that you understand the rules and set up by answering the questions in the document below in your engineering notebook.

Check Your Understanding questions  Google Doc / .docx / .pdf

After completing the questions, practice for the challenge.

Select Next > to compete in the Robot Tractor Pull Challenge.