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Encourage students to explore their kits and familiarize with the VEX parts and their correct terminology. The parts list for the Classroom Super Kit will make collaboration and discussions clearer.

Before building, explore the pieces in your kit and respond to the prompts below in your engineering notebook.

  1. After reviewing the pieces in your kit, list some builds that you believe you could accomplish with your kit. What are some of the builds that could be built?

  2. Sketch detailed designs of the builds you listed above.

  3. How might each of the builds you designed above be used? Explain with details and sketches.

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  1. Possible answers could include: a bridge, race car, cart, scoop, claw, or a tower.

  2. Student sketches may be oblique or isometric and contain single or multi-views for this prompt. Designs may include details such as a parts list, measurements, dimensions, hidden lines, and/or construction lines.

  3. Students may communicate their thoughts through additional sketches of the build, lists, or descriptive paragraphs.