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V5 Claw
An open V5 Claw

Prepare for the RFP Varied Object Challenge

In this challenge you will be given a Request For Proposal (RFP) that will require you to build or edit a robot to do as many tasks as it can in a variety of challenges. You will then respond to the RFP with a proposed solution to some or all of the tasks.

To complete this challenge you will need the following:

  • V5 Classroom Super Kit

  • A meter stick

  • Objects that the robot can grab (cones, bean bags, erasers, markers, cubes, etc.)

  • Engineering notebook

  • A box or bin for the objects to be placed

Teacher Tips icon Teacher Tips

  • Review the concept of iteration within the engineering design process to promote iterative testing and improvements to designs.

  • Preview the Varied Object Challenge RFP to help setup the scenario.

  • Explore as a group the different Motion and Structure components within the V5 Classroom Super Kit.

  • Show the students the objects that the robot can grab. Let the students feel the weight and shape of the objects as well.

  • Ask students to set up the scenario to facilitate a better understanding of the task the robot will complete.

  • Check the accuracy of your students' entries in their engineering notebooks up to this point in the STEM Lab.

Teacher Toolbox icon Teacher Toolbox

The VEX V5 Classroom Super Kit comes with a variety of motion and structure components that will make this open-ended challenge more interesting and engaging for your students. Review the Motion and Structure tabbed sections within the listing of Kit Contents.