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  • Check the ramp on the course. It may have lost some stability after repeated use.

  • Secure the ramp so that it will not deform or collapse during the activity.

The racecourse with the ramp on the second half of the course

Challenge Preparation

Using the same course made while Exploring the Center of Gravity with the Robot, you will race a pair of V5 Clawbots with their claw arm's raised to different heights during each round. Use what you've learned about a moving object's center of gravity and the data you've collected during your trials to properly position your bottle cargo for all three rounds.

To prepare for this challenge you will need:

  • A taped-off space on the floor approximately 3 meters (119 inches) long by 1.25 meters (49 inches) wide.

  • A ramp that is as wide as the course (approx. 1.25 meters or 49 inches) at least 60 inches from the starting line.

  • At least one sand-filled 500 mL plastic bottle for each racing V5 Clawbot.

  • A place to record the winners of each round