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Answer the following questions in your engineering notebook as your team reviews its plans for the challenge.

  1. Is the bottle in the best position it can be? If so, which position is that?

  2. How quickly should your V5 Clawbot accelerate during the race?

  3. Which teammate is going to drive and control the V5 Clawbot in each round?

Review the data that your team collected while you tested your robot earlier.

  1. Is the position you chose for your bottle supported by the data during your trials?

  2. Is your chosen acceleration for the V5 Clawbot supported by the data during your trials?

  3. Is the teammate driving the V5 Clawbot in each round the same driver as in the trial for that round?

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The six questions listed above help to focus students on the decisions needed to prepare for the Claw Arm Challenge, and the criterion for good decisions; that they are informed by their data from the Testing, Collecting Data, & Informing Decisions activity. Students' specific answers will depend on the robot's performance in those trial runs. As long as they make these decisions now, record them in their engineering notebooks, and cite their data as support for their decisions, they are correct and ready to proceed.