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A student works on his team's robot.

Create! Compete!

There are many teams that compete at a VEX Robotic Competition, so individual teams use creativity to stand out in the crowd. They create cool team names, costumes, and unique robot builds. As long as the robot meets the game’s requirements, teams can iterate and design their robot not only to perform the tasks needed to score the most points in the game, but also to represent their creativity. VEX creates parts in a variety of sizes, so teams can build some great robots!

Extend Your Learning icon Extend Your Learning

To expand this activity, ask your students to sketch some cool-looking robots that could be built from their kits. They can include as many sensors or motors as they would like. Before allowing them to get started, give the entire class some requirements. Here are a few possible requirements:

  • The robot can be no more than 50 centimeters tall or 100 centimeters wide.

  • It needs to have at least five motors.

  • It needs to include shapes that do not have right angles.