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  • Organize multiple rounds so that all teams can compete against each other.

  • Shorten the two-minute time cap as needed to increase the difficulty of the challenge.

Its a Draw cards
It's a Draw! cards

It's a Draw! Challenge

In this challenge, you will play a game called "It's Draw". In this game, your team will try to earn as many points as they can by using the V5 Clawbot to draw clues.

How to Play:

  • Divide players into two teams. Players on the team will take turns acting as the “robot artist”. If you only have three players, one person must be designated to draw for both teams.

  • Whichever team has the youngest player will go first.

  • Each team will select one "It's a Draw!" card.

  • Only the robotic artist for each team can look at the card. The robotic artist has only five seconds to look at the card and plan their robotic drawing strategy.

  • Each team will have 2 minutes to identify the right word from clues drawn on a piece of paper by the robot. If they are successful, a point is earned.

  • The winning team will have the most earned points after a predetermined number of rounds.

  • Additional rules for the game:

    • Verbal communication and gestures by the robotic artist is not allowed.

    • Writing numbers or letters on your paper is against the rules.

    • An “X” can be used to cross something out but not as a letter.

    • Have fun!