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An assembly line robot making repeated, precise movements

Robots are Precise

Robots do exactly what you tell them to do. If a robot doesn't quite do what you planned in your pseudocode, it may mean that your instructions weren't quite right. Using precise measurement to program movement is critical for a robot to successfully complete a task.

For example:

  • Surgical robots must have pinpoint accuracy in order to treat certain areas while avoiding others.

  • Robots that need to complete a series of movements must make each of those movements precisely. An error in robot movement accumulates and increases dramatically with each subsequent movement.

  • Assembly robots must be continuously precise in order to guarantee the quality of the product they are helping to manufacture.

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To relate this activity to robotics and employment, ask students to research the top ten jobs that are most likely to be replaced by robots in the future, the top ten jobs that are least likely to be replaced, and the reasoning behind these projections.