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Automed Challenge

In this challenge, you need to program your robot to navigate a hospital as it delivers medications to patients in several different rooms.

Challenge Rules

  • The robot must begin and end in the Start Zone.

  • The entire robot must be inside the Pharmacy, Elevator, and Patient Rooms and wait for the following times in order to complete the actions:

    • Pharmacy: Wait at least 5 seconds to pickup medications.

    • Elevator: Wait at least 5 seconds to reach another floor.

    • Patient Room: Wait at least 3 seconds to drop off medications.

  • The robot must not come into contact with or pass over any walls.

  • The robot must visit the Pharmacy first to pickup medications for Patient Rooms.

  • The robot must visit each of the Patient Rooms (in no particular order) to drop off medication.

  • Have fun!