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In this challenge, you will compete in a mini-competition! The goal of the competition is to sort as many ‘shipments’ as possible in a 5-minute round. A shipment is a collection of six disks: two red, two green, and two blue.

All Disks

Follow these steps to complete the challenge:

  • Ensure all team members understand the rules and scoring of the competition (Google / .docx / .pdf).
  • Create a new project or open an existing project. 
  • Select ‘File’ then ‘Save As’ to rename the project ‘Lab 12 - Competition.’
  • Using the skills developed in previous Labs, edit the project. Your VEXcode V5 project should accomplish the following:
    • Use a {When timer} block and set the parameter to 300 seconds. Attach an [Activate emergency stop] block to the {When timer} block. This will stop the Workcell after a 5-minute round.
      when timer
    • Sort as many shipments as possible in 5 minutes.
    • A shipment includes:
      • Two green disks are to be placed on the left side of the delivery zone.
      • Two red disks are to be placed on the right side of the delivery zone.
      • Two blue disks are to be diverted off of the Workcell completely via the exit conveyor.
  • Keep track of your score using the Scoring Sheet (Google / .docx / .pdf).