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Add additional components to the Workcell

When building for a competition, you may add additional motors, sensors, or diverters.


To achieve a certain task, you may need to move components around to where you need them in the Workcell.

3 Workcells

When working with adding or editing the conveyors, you may need to change the chain length if necessary.

Chain length

If your V5 Workcell is sorting multiple disks at a time, additional diverters may need to be added.

These diverters do not necessarily have to be the triangle format as seen in previous Labs.

A diverter can be any structure that moves in a way to sort disks on, or off of conveyors.



When building on the Workcell, or even programming to solve a challenge, it is important to iterate on the process.

Iteration is the process of repetition in order to refine and improve a procedure to reach a desired outcome.

Document your process in an Engineering Notebook or other type of log.

This will help you keep track of progress, and to learn from prior experiences or mistakes.

Sample engineering notebook

Don’t try to solve an entire challenge at once.

Decompose the problem by breaking pieces down into manageable steps.

For example, do small increments of building to ensure pieces work properly.

Attach one conveyor and get it working before trying to assemble three or four at a time.

No conveyor

Break code into smaller parts.

A small error in a large project may be difficult to find.

Pull blocks off of a large stack, or disable blocks to test smaller stacks of code.

This makes testing the project more manageable.