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Previously in this Lab, you have successfully used sensors and a Boolean variable to accept the first green disk, and reject any additional green disks.

In this challenge, you will expand the project to sort two red, two green, and two blue disks.

The first of each color disk will be accepted and placed into their designated drop off location.

The second disk of each color will be rejected and diverted off of the exit conveyor.

This video shows how the Disk Feeder, conveyors, diverter, and arm on the Workcell will move when you complete the project to sort six disks.

Follow these steps to complete the challenge:

  • Using the skills developed earlier in this Lab, edit your 'Lab 11- Disk Feeder' project. Your VEXcode V5 project should accomplish the following using sensor data and Boolean variables:
    • Sort two red, two blue, and two green disks from the Disk Feeder on the entry conveyor to their designated locations.
    • The first disk of each color should be accepted, travel along the transport conveyor, and then be moved by the arm on the Workcell to the designated drop off location in this image below.
      Lab 11 sorted
    • The second disk of each color should be rejected and diverted off of the exit conveyor.
    • Once a disk has been moved to the exit conveyor, remove the disk from the Workcell. This will prevent any errors from the Line Tracker on the exit conveyor.

For Your Information

You can run the challenge with two systems.

  • When the second disk of each color is diverted off of the first system, the disk should move onto the second system.
  • The second system should only expect one disk of each color. If for some reason the second system receives more than one disk of each color, the additional disks should be diverted off of the exit conveyor.
  • Each disk that reaches the second system should be moved by the arm on the Workcell to the designated drop off location in the image above.
  • Each Workcell can run their own project.

two systems