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In this Play section, you will be introduced to the V5 Electromagnet on the arm of the Workcell. You will explore how to create a project where the arm uses the electromagnet to pick up and drop off a red disk in a specific location.

You will display the (x, y, z) coordinates on the V5 Brain’s screen to find the locations that the arm will need to move to in order to pick up and drop off the disk. You will then use these locations to explore how to trigger behaviors of the arm by building a project that uses a User Interface (UI) on the Brain. 

The UI on the Brain will display four colored boxes (white, red, green, and blue). Each color corresponds to a particular movement of the arm on the Workcell. The white box will move the arm to the disk pick up location and each of the colored boxes will move the arm to that colored disk's drop off location. For this Play section, you will only use the red and white colored boxes. In the Rethink challenge, you will code the arm to pick up and sort all three colored disks (red, green, and blue).

You will complete the activity by successfully moving the red disk to its drop off location using the UI on the Brain’s screen.

Materials Required:
Quantity Materials Needed
1 per group

V5 Workcell

1 per group

VEXcode V5

1 per group

Engineering Notebook

1 per group

Device to run VEXcode V5

1 per group

Micro-USB cable

1 per group

Colored Disk (1x red)

For Your Information

An electromagnet is a specific type of magnet where the magnetic field is produced by an electric current. The arm on the Workcell has an electromagnet to pick up and put down disks that contain metal cores.

electromagnet holding disk

In order to code the arm to sort a disk, you first need to build the 'Lab 7- Manual Move' project.

In VEXcode V5, follow the steps in this video to open the 'Arm Manual Movement' example project, input your mastering values, adjust the tool to electromagnet, name, and then save the project as 'Lab 7- Manual Move.' 

Ensure you are using your mastering values, and not the ones displayed in this video. 

Download and run the project. (x, y, z) values will be displayed on the Brain's screen.

Lab 7 download and run

Lab 7_0

Place a red colored disk into the disk pick up location and then manually move the arm to Point 1. Point 1 is directly above the disk pick up location. Record the (x, y, z) coordinates of Point 1 in your engineering notebook.

Lab 7 - Red-Step2_1

For Your Information

The x and y-coordinate values from Point 1 will be very similar, if not the same for Point 2. This is because the only axis that is changing between Point 1 and 2 is the z-axis.

Lab 2 - ZCoord_2

Manually move the arm to Point 2. Point 2 is where the electromagnet comes in contact with the red disk. Record the (x, y, z) coordinates of Point 2 in your engineering notebook.

Lab 7 - Red-Step3_1

Manually move the arm to Point 3. Point 3 is where the disk is just above the standoffs. Record the (x, y, z) coordinates of Point 3 in your engineering notebook.

Lab 7 - Red-Step6-1_1

Once you have finished recording all three points, stop the project and check in with your teacher.

Lab 7 stop_0