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In this challenge, you will create a VEXcode V5 project that instructs the arm on the Workcell to pick up three disks of different colors from the pick up location, and then drop off each disk in the matching drop off location. The color of each disk will be detected and reported by the Optical Sensor.

Rethink final

Follow these steps to complete the challenge:
  • Using the skills developed earlier in this Lab, edit your VEXcode V5 project from the Play section. The arm of the Workcell should perform the following behaviors for each of the three disks:
    • Move to the pick up location when the Brain's screen is pressed.
    • Pick up one of the three colored disks and move the disk over the Optical Sensor.
    • Based on the color reported by the Optical Sensor, move and drop off the disk in the matching color location.
  • Note that the pick up location will be filled with three disks at the beginning. Your project should account for the varying heights of the disks while in a stack.