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 You will be participating in a mini competition! You and your group will be competing to create a VEXcode V5 project where the Workcell sorts disks faster than the other groups. 

arm picking up the green disk

This competition will run in two rounds.

  • Round 1: Sort one disk of each color as fast as possible (three total disks).
  • Round 2: Sort one red disk, one blue disk, and two green disks as fast as possible (four total disks).
    • The two green disks should be stacked in the same drop off location.

Your group can edit any existing projects you have saved or create a new project. Use what you have learned in Labs 1 through 8 to create or edit a project that sorts the disks in any order.

When you are ready to have your score count, alert your teacher. They will reset the disks in the pick up location and time your group. Once you have a score recorded for round 1, begin working on the round 2 project.

There will be two competition winners. The group with the fastest score from round one and the group with the fastest score from round two.