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Team Freeze Tag
Lesson 4: Adding the Bumper Switch and Printing to the Brain Screen


Before you can compete in the Freeze Tag Challenge, you first need to learn about the Bumper Switch and how to print to the BaseBot's Brain screen. You will also learn how to configure the sensors and your Controller in VEXcode EXP.

Using the Bumper Switch

The VEX EXP Bumper Switch is a device that reports if it is currently being pressed or not.

Watch this video to learn about the Bumper Switch and how to configure this device in VEXcode EXP.

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Printing to the Brain Screen 

VEXcode EXP can be used to print text, values, colors and shapes to the Brain's screen.

Watch this video to learn about the printing to the VEX EXP Brain screen.

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Assigning a Drivetrain to Your Controller's Joysticks

You can assign a Drivetrain to the Controller's joysticks in VEXcode EXP. This allows you to drive your robot using the Controller, and code the Bumper Switch at the same time.

Watch this video to learn how to assign the Drivetrain to your Controller's joysticks in VEXcode EXP, change the driver style on your Controller, and download the project to the Brain.

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Check Your Understanding

Before moving on to the Practice section, ensure that you understand the concepts covered on this page by answering the questions in the document below in your engineering notebook. 

Check Your Understanding questions Google Doc / .docx / .pdf

Select Next > to practice driving your BaseBot with the Bumper Switch.