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A block that tells the robot to perform a specific behavior.
Drive Mode
A way to remotely control your robot with a joystick or buttons.
Eye Sensor
A sensor that reports if it sees an object, and can also report what color object it sees.
Example Project
Projects included with VEXcode GO that show different examples on how to code your robot.
LED Bumper
A sensor that reports if it is being pressed or not, and can glow red or green.
A choice in a block that changes the behavior of that block.
A device that helps your robot to understand the world around it.

Encouraging Vocabulary Usage

The following are additional ways to facilitate vocabulary usage as students are engaged in the activities throughout this Unit.

Students should be encouraged to use the vocabulary terms:

  • Throughout all of the activities
  • As they are working in groups
  • As they are reflecting
  • As they are sharing their knowledge and experience
A VEX GO character

Tips for Encouraging Vocabulary Usage