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Choice Board

Choice Board Examples & Strategies

Use the Choice Board to allow students to display their voice and choice within their learning. The Choice Board can be used in multiple ways by the teacher to:

  • Engage students who finish early
  • Assess what students have learned at different points throughout the Unit
  • Extend the Unit or lesson
  • Allow students to display their learning in the Share section

The Choice Board is intended to provide content that can be added to the classroom’s existing Choice Board or to any bulletin board in the classroom.

The following is the Choice Board for this Unit:

Choice Board
Measuring with Pins
How many pins does it take to go across one sheet of paper? First guess, then test.
Matching Game
Can you match two builds together that use the same pieces but in different patterns?
Program a Friend
Use descriptive, spatial language to direct your friend to assemble a build.
Create a Game
Create a new game using VEX GO pieces. Be sure to include directions and a list of materials needed to play. Try it with a friend.
Draw It
Can you find any shapes in the room that match the shapes of VEX GO pieces? How do you know it is the same shape? Use spatial talk.
How many gears can you mesh together? Use gears and axles to build onto the GO Tile.
Write a Letter
Write a letter to NASA explaining what you think is most important to include in a Mars base.
Organize the VEX GO pieces into their functions using a chart including: electronics, structure, fasteners, and motion.
Design a Mars base in your classroom! Create bases that connect with your classmates.