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Mars Rover-Landing Challenge
Lab 1 - Detect Obstacles

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Discussion Prompts


  • If someone came to our class, who did not know about the Eye Sensor on the Code Base, how would you explain what it does to them? 
  • How did the [Wait until] block work with the Eye Sensor in your project, to make your Code Base drive and detect an obstacle?
  • If the [Wait until] block was before the [Drive] block, would your project have worked the same way? Why not? 


  • What else do you think the Eye Sensor could detect in our classroom? How could you test your theory?
  • What else do you think we could use the [Wait until] block to do in a project? Could you use it with the LED Bumper? How might that work? 
  • What if there were more obstacles in the landing area? Do you think your project would work? What might you have to add or change to detect more than one obstacle?  


  • How did you work together to build and test your project?
  • What is one challenge your group had to work to figure out? How can you use what you learned in the next Lab? 
  • What is something that you, or your group, has gotten better at doing since we first began with VEX GO? What helped you improve?