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Super Car
Lab 3 - How Fast?

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Discussion Prompts


  • What differences or similarities did you notice in the Super Car’s average speed and the number of cranks of the Orange Knob?
  • What was the speed of your Super Car in each trial?
  • What was the farthest distance your Super Car traveled?
  • What was your fastest/ greatest average speed?
  • How does the average speed you calculated compare to the energy of the Super Car in each trial?


  • How did the trial in Play Part 1 help you estimate the average speed in Play Part 2?
  • What if we built a Super Car that was the size of a real car?
    • Could we use these time trials to calculate and hypothesize whether a real car or the Super Car would win a race?
    • How could we tell which car used more energy?


  • What are some examples of how your team worked well today?
  • What challenges did you face today?