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Launch the Engage Section

ACTS is what the teacher will do and ASKS is how the teacher will facilitate.

  1. Have students close their eyes and raise their hand for which they think will be faster - a race car or a regular car.
  2. Show Lab 3 Slide Show image of a graphic to calculate speed.
  3. Demonstrate the Super Car moving very fast across a table that all students can see.
  1. Have you ever seen a race car either in person or on TV? What do you think is faster- a race car or the car you have at home?
  2. Why do you think the race car is faster? How do we prove something is faster than the other?
  3. How can we find the average speed of our Super Car?

Getting the Students Ready to Build

Let’s find out how to calculate the average speed of our Super Car.

Calculate Average Speed
Calculate Average Speed


Facilitate the Build

  1. InstructInstruct students to join their group, and have them fill out the Robotics Role & Routines sheet. Use the Suggested Role Responsibilities slide in the Lab Image Slideshow as a guide for students to complete this sheet.
  2. DistributeDistribute pre-built Super Car from the previous Lab, a roll of tape, a measuring device, and a time keeping device to each group. If the Super Car is not already built from the previous Lab, have students build it now.
  3. FacilitateFacilitate as groups set up their trial zone.
    1. Builders can begin measuring 40cm (~16 in) and marking the beginning and end with tape.
    2. Journalists should fill in the data throughout the lab on their Data Collection Sheet.
    3. The teacher will select one student per group to be the time keeper.
  4. OfferOffer suggestions and note positive team building and problem solving strategies.
A VEX GO character

Teacher Troubleshooting

Facilitation Strategies

  • In the Lab, distance requirements can be adjusted to meet the needs of the classroom.