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You can use the VEX IQ menu to view the Smart Motors and sensors connected to the Robot Brain. From here, you can make sure that the devices are working properly.

Materials Required:
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VEX IQ Robot Brain with connected Smart Devices

Navigating the Device Information Menu Instructions

Step 1: Powering on your Robot Brain

A VEX IQ Robot Brain With a Circle Around the Check Mark Button (Top Right Button On Brain)
A powered off Robot Brain screen

Press the Check button to power on your Robot Brain.

Step 2: Opening the Settings menu

The Settings Screen Opened on the VEX IQ Robot Brain
The top-level Settings menu

Press the X button until you arrive at the Settings menu.

Step 3: Opening the Device Info menu

The Settings Screen Opened on the VEX IQ Robot Brain With the 'Device Info' Option Selected
The Device Info option

Use the arrow buttons to navigate down to the 'Device Info' selection on the Settings menu and press the Check button.

Step 4: Viewing a Connected Smart Device

The Device Info Screen Opened on the VEX IQ Robot Brain Displaying Information About the 'Port 1 Motor' With a Message at the Bottom Saying 'Press <Check Mark Button> Starts Motor'
The Device Menu for Port 1 with a Smart Motor connected

You can use the up and down arrows to navigate through the Smart Devices that you have connected.


Use this menu to check the status of your devices. Notice how the sensor values change when you interact with them, and think of how they might be used in robotic applications.