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STEM Labs are designed to be supplemental education experiences that are flexible and can be implemented in many different ways. Use the Pacing Guide to help make the Tallest Tower STEM Lab fit into your schedule. This STEM Lab can be adapted for a 45-, 60-, or 90-minute implementation instead of the full 145 minutes included in the materials.

Options for implementing this STEM Lab include:

  • If you have a limited amount of time, only complete the Seek and Play sections. The total time for both sections is 90 minutes. If time permits, add the testing of the students' towers by following the procedure (Google Doc/.docx/.pdf) for running the Earthquake Platforms with the towers carefully placed on top of it.

  • If you have less than 90 minutes, reduce the time spent on the Seek and Play sections by not having the discussions suggested.

  • An option for a 60-minute allotment is to complete the Seek and Rethink sections. Skipping the Play section will remove some of the iterative design features of this STEM Lab but students will be able to iterate on their designs at the end of the Rethink section.

  • If you have only 45 minutes, there could be a single Earthquake Platform built before class and your students can complete either the Play (45 minutes without discussions) or Rethink (25 minutes + iterative redesign and testing time) sections.

STEM Lab pacing guides preview the concepts that are taught in each section (Seek, Play, Apply, Rethink, Know) of the STEM Lab, relate the resources that teachers can use to teach those concepts and identify all the materials that are needed. The STEM Lab Pacing Guide is an editable Google doc that you can save to your device and modify based on your classroom constraints, and the needs of your students.

Tallest Tower Pacing Guide

Google Doc .docx .pdf