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Getting Ready to Code

There are built in resources in VEXcode IQ available to help you get started coding. You can access Tutorial Videos, Help, or Example Projects to learn more about things like saving, downloading, and running your project, how to use a specific block, or getting started with a project.

Tutorial Videos

To access tutorials, select the 'Tutorials' icon in the VEXcode IQ Toolbar, as shown here.

The following tutorial videos may be helpful to get started with this Unit: 

  • Getting Started
  • Device Setup - Drivetrain
  • Naming and Saving Your Project
  • Download and Run a Project

Image of the Tutorials icon in VEXcode IQ

Built-in Help

To access Help, first select the 'Help' icon in VEXcode IQ, as shown here.

Then, select a block or command to learn more about it.

The Help feature offers block or command-specific information, including things like how they can be used in a project.  

Image of the Help icon in VEXcode IQ

Example Projects

To access Example Projects, select 'File', then 'Open Examples', as shown here.

For a beginning project to help you get started coding, you can use an Example Project. Example Projects include Templates for different VEX IQ builds, as well as sample projects for a variety of features and functions. 

In this Unit, the following Template example project can be used: 

  • Basebot (Drivetrain 2-motor)

Image of Open Examples in the File menu

What is Next?

In this Lesson, you built the BaseBot and charged your Battery. 

In the next Lesson, you will:

  • Learn how to drive the BaseBot using the Controller.
  • You will explore different driver configurations with the Controller.
  • Compete in the Figure Eight challenge!

A BaseBot and a Controller

Select < Return to Lessons to go back to the Lesson Overview.

Select Next Lesson > to continue to Lesson 2, and learn how to use the Driver Control Program on the Brain to drive the BaseBot.