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Team Freeze Tag
Lesson 3: Changing the Wheels


Now that you have practiced using the different wheel combinations on your BaseBot, it is time to complete the Slalom Drive Challenge. Follow the steps in this document to play the Slalom Drive Challenge.

Google Doc /.docx /.pdf

Video file

Once you have completed the Slalom Drive Challenge, check in with your teacher. Ensure you have documented the results of the challenge in your engineering notebook.

Wrap Up Reflection

Now that you have tested the different wheel types and completed the challenge, it is time to reflect on what you have learned and done in this Lesson. Start a new page in your engineering notebook to begin your reflection.

Rate yourself as a novice, apprentice, or expert on each of the following concepts in your engineering notebook. Provide a brief explanation for why you gave yourself that rating for each concept:

  • The differences between the three types of wheels
  • Testing different wheel combinations in order to get the fastest time in the challenge
  • Problem-solving with your group to change and test different wheel combinations on your BaseBot

 Use this table to help you determine which category you fall under.


I feel that I fully understood the concept and could teach this to someone else.
Apprentice I feel that I understood the concept enough to compete in the challenge.
Novice I feel that I did not understand the concept and did not know how to complete the challenge.


What is Next?

In this Lesson, you experimented with different wheel combinations on your robot to improve your time in the Slalom Drive Challenge.

In the next Lesson, you will:

  • Add sensors to your robot.
  • Configure sensors and the controller in VEXcode IQ.
  • Compete in a Freeze Tag Challenge!

image of the basebot with the touch led and bumper switch added

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