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Answer the following questions in your engineering notebook after completing the three activities.

  1. The [Set motor] block is set to “hold” for both the Arm Motor and the Claw Motor. What would happen if those blocks were removed?

  2. The [Spin] and [Stop] blocks that control the Arm and Claw Motors are nearly identical. If you were to create this project yourself, how could you save time and avoid dragging every individual block into the workspace over and over?

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  1. The hold setting prevents the Arm from dropping and/or the Claw from closing when the buttons that control their motors are released. Instead, they’ll hold or remain in place until they are controlled by the pressing of buttons. If those blocks were removed, when the Controller buttons are released, the Arm would drop, and the Claw would close, as they would no longer be controlled by any block or the Controller.

  2. Duplicating similar stacks is a great way to save time in the building process. To learn more about how to duplicate, view the Using Loops tutorial in VEXcode V5.

The tutorials button next to the File menu button