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Mechanical Advantage Student

Now that you've finished the build, test what it does. Explore with your build and then answer these questions in your engineering notebook.

  1. What does this build do? Explain with details.

  2. How might this build be used? Explain with details and sketches.

  3. Does the build have a mechanical advantage(s)? If so, how? What is the mechanical advantage? Explain with details.

  4. Which engineering terms are needed to explain this build to someone who has not seen it? Explain how each term describes this build.

    For example, if we were designing a roof for a house, I would say that the engineering term "pitch" is needed to describe this roof. Pitch describes the steepness of the slope in the roof. I could then use this term to better describe what I was building. Here are some suggested terms for the mechanical advantage exploration: "gear ratios", "idler gear", "speed", etc.