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Mechanical Advantage Student

Answer the following questions in your engineering notebook as you tinker with the build.

  1. What would you change about the build if you wanted to improve it? Explain at least one change.

  2. What steps will you follow to change the build? Explain with details and/or sketches.

  3. Do your changes to the build make it work more efficient or powerful? Explain how.

    Or, do the changes make the build usable for more tasks? Will more people want to use it after the change? Explain how the change affects how it is used.

Make your changes to the build and then test them.

     A. Did your changes make the build better? Explain how, or why not.

     B.  How many times did you try to change the build? What happened during each try? Explain.

     C.  Is there a change you would like to make but need additional pieces? Explain with details and/or sketches.