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What is Python Programming?

In order to control your robot, you will be creating projects in Python in VEXcode V5. This is a text-based programming language and it uses text and special syntax to write the instructions which ultimately tell the robot what to do. If you worked with block-based programming before, such as VEXcode V5 Blocks, these text instructions are replacing the blocks.

An instruction is an entire line within the project. The instruction can contain portions of information for the device, the command, the parameters. The image below shows an instruction with each of these portions outlined.

Image of a Python command with each component identified

It’s important to remember specific rules for writing instructions in VEXcode V5 Python. For example, capitalization has specific rules within instructions. In Python, devices are written in lowercase letters, and the commands must be in snake case.

It’s also helpful to remember that there is help available within VEXcode V5 Python. Review how to access this help in Python.

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  • To familiarize yourself with the other VEXcode V5 Python articles available, see the Python Tutorials category of the V5 section of the VEX Library.
  • Consider reviewing the articles with students if they are not as familiar with working in VEXcode V5 Python.