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  1. Which of the following best describes how the [If then] and <Optical detects color> are used in this code snippet?
    They are used to trigger the arm to drop the blue disk in the blue drop off location if the Optical Sensor detects a blue colored disk.
  2. Which of the following best describes why a [Set optical light power] block would be used in a project with the Optical Sensor to detect color?
    To improve the accuracy of the color detection by providing a consistent light source.
  3. Which of these is the best description of the V5 Optical Sensor?
    A sensor used to detect the color of an object as well as if an object is near or far away from the sensor. 
  4. Based on this image, how many [If then] blocks would you need in your project to sort all the disks in the pick up location?
    Three, one for each of the colored disks (red, blue, and green).
  5. In this project, what triggers the arm on the Workcell to move to the disk pick up location and pick up a disk?
    Pressing the V5 Brain’s screen.