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Mars Rover-Surface Operations
Lab 2 - Collect and Bury Mission

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Discussion Prompts


  • How did your group choose the order in which to collect the samples? What VEXcode GO blocks did you use in your project, to make the Code Base move as you intended it to? 
  • If you changed the order —or sequence of the blocks in your project, would the Code Base rover still reach the samples? Why or why not?
  • How did the Code Base rover have to move to collect the sample? What direction? How far? How did it have to move to return the sample to the base?


  • If you were going to do this challenge again, would you change your project? Why or why not?
  • What is a non-coding challenge that can have more than one possible solution? (Examples could include giving directions to your house, making an ice cream sundae, etc.)
  • What is similar or different about your group's sequence, compared to others in the class? What is one thing you learned from seeing how other students solved the same challenge? 


  • What is one thing you learned from another group’s project?
  • What is one thing your group had to work together to figure out as you were building your projects? What did you learn that will help you in future Labs? 
  • How did your group do following your role responsibilities? Do you have a ‘favorite’ job or role? Why?