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Robot Arm
Lab 3 - Using the Electromagnet

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Discussion Prompts


  • What did you notice about how the Robot Arm moved in this build? How were its movements similar or different from the manual or motorized versions?
  • What advantages can you see for using an Electromagnet instead of a regular magnet?
  • Why do you need to change the Electromagnet to boost or to drop? What happens to the magnet when you make that change?
  • What was something you needed to add to your code that surprised you, or that you hadn’t thought about before? Explain how your thinking changed.


  • Why might you want to control a Robot Arm with coding in a real-world situation?
  • Were there any limitations to this Robot Arm compared to previous versions? What might we need to add or change to make the coded Robot Arm more useful?
  • What other kinds of projects or situations might you want to use the [Spin motor for] block in?


  • How did your group share responsibilities in this Lab? Was there anything you changed from Lab 2? What worked well and what would you change for next time?
  • If you got a new member of your group, who had not built the previous two Robot Arms with us, how would you explain what we were doing? What have you learned about Robot Arms and how they work so far, that would help a new student understand what was going on?