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Implementing VEX GO STEM Labs

STEM Labs are designed to be the online teacher’s manual for VEX GO. Like a printed teacher’s manual, the teacher-facing content of the STEM Labs provides all of the resources, materials, and information needed to be able to plan, teach, and assess with VEX GO. The Lab Image Slideshows are the student-facing companion to this material. For more detailed information about how to implement a STEM Lab in your classroom, see the Implementing VEX GO STEM Labs article.

Goals and Standards


Students will apply

  • How to correctly describe the flow of a project that uses the Electromagnet to pick up and move a disk to a new location.

Students will make meaning of

  • How code can be used to control a robotic arm.
  • How an Electromagnet can be used on a robotic arm to move magnetic objects.

Students will be skilled at

  • Creating and starting a VEXcode GO project.
  • Using the [Energize Electromagnet] block to pick up and drop a disk in a project.
  • Creating a project to make the Code Robot Arm (1-Axis) pick up and move a disk.

Students will know

  • That the [Energize Electromagnet] block has two different modes: boost or drop.
  • That the [Energize Electromagnet] block, when set to boost, attracts a disk to the Electromagnet.
  • That the [Energize Electromagnet] block, when set to drop, releases the disk that the Electromagnet is holding.
  • That the [Energize Electromagnet] block is a stack block that can be used with motor blocks to move disks with a robotic arm.



  1. Students will identify the VEXcode GO blocks needed to control the motor on the Robot Arm (1-Axis).
  2. Students will utilize the [Energize electromagnet] block to control the Electromagnet to move a disk from one location to another.


  1. In Play Part 1, students will build a project in VEXcode GO where the base spins 90 degrees four times. They will use the [Spin motor for] block to create this project.
  2. In the Mid-Play Break, students will discuss how they might control the Electromagnet using code. In Play Part 2, students will be introduced to the [Energize electromagnet] block. They will add the block to their project to “boost” the Electromagnet and pick up the disk.


  1. In Play Part 2, students will be asked to recall what block was used to control the motor. They will then use the [Spin motor for] block to create a project that helps the Robot Arm accomplish the task of picking up and moving a disk.
  2. In Play Part 2, students will add a second [Energize electromagnet] block and change the parameters from “boost” to “drop” in order to drop the disk at a specified location.

Connections to Standards