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Vision Sensor

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Now that the build is finished, explore and see what it can do. Then answer this question in your engineering notebook.

  1. Predict and describe how the Autopilot robot’s behavior would change if the shaft in Step 2 of the robot Build Instructions was not inserted into the motor on one side of the robot, provide a diagram and a discussion of what purpose the rubber shaft collar on the motor shaft serves with your description.

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  1. Answers could describe how the motor would not turn the shaft and the wheel would not turn. The discussion should tell how if the rubber collar was not on the shaft, there would be nothing to keep the shaft from sliding out of the motor. Higher order answers may include a description of things like, if the shaft is not in the motor, both of the wheels on that side will not move and when the robot tries to drive forward or backward it will only turn towards the side of the robot which the wheels are not turning.