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In this challenge, you will use the ‘Manual Movement’ example project to find the coordinate values of the four positions indicated on this image of the Workcell.

Workcell with four points marked with stars

Follow these steps to complete the challenge.

  • In your engineering notebook, estimate the x, y and z-values of all four locations by measuring in inches. 
    • Use a measuring device and to estimate each value based on the (0, 0, 0) point.
    • Make sure to document which values are positive and which are negative.
  • Launch VEXcode V5.
  • Open the ‘Manual Movement’ example project.
  • Manually move the arm mounted on the Workcell to the four locations shown in the image above indicated by red stars.
  • Document the x, y, and z-values shown on the Brain in your engineering notebook of each of the four locations by labeling them as the following:
    • Location 1
    • Location 2
    • Location 3
    • Location 4
  • Compare your estimated values to the values from the Brain's screen. Discuss any differences or similarities between your estimates and the documented values with your group or record your thoughts in your engineering notebook.