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After the class discussion about the x, y, and z-axes on the Workcell, you will use those three axes to find a single point in space. By measuring the distance from the origin (0, 0, 0) of the Workcell, at the base of the turntable, to the center of the tool plate on the end of the arm, you can derive the (x, y, z) coordinate values.

For Your Information

  • The origin or (0, 0, 0) is the location that all values start from. The (0, 0, 0) on the Workcell is located at the center base of the turntable.
  • The tool plate is located at the end of the arm on the Workcell. The center of the tool plate is called out in the second image.

tool plate

tool plate center

Insert the mastering jig into the arm mounted on the Workcell.

Mastering Jig Install

Measure the distance, in inches, from the center of the tool plate to the center of the turntable along the x-axes. Record this distance on your Play Checklist, and repeat the process along the y and z-axes.

Use this image as reference of the location of the x, y, and z-axes if needed.

x, z, and z cords

Sketch your measurement and answer the question for each axis on your Play Checklist:

  • How do the two sets of values compare?

workseet filled out