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Meet Your Robot
Unit Applying VEX 123

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Connection to VEX 123

Applying VEX 123

In this Meet Your Robot! Unit, students will engage in a guided exploration of the 123 Robot to familiarize themselves with the terminology, features, and functions of robots in general, and the 123 Robot specifically. These Labs will give students an idea of how they are going to engage with STEM Labs in their classroom setting, as well as an introduction to the conversational nature of the learning process of the 123.

During Lab 1, students will first be introduced to the 123 Robot. The teacher will lead a guided discussion to explain the 123 Robot’s features and functionality. The teacher will prompt the students by asking, “what do you think this does?” while pointing to certain buttons or features of the 123 Robot. The students will have to mentally visualize how the robot will move and behave.

During Lab 2, students will dive deeper into best practices for their 123 Robot by expanding on classroom rules. The students will engage in a discussion of, “what if?” to determine what are appropriate ways to handle the 123 Robot safely.

Students will use spatial reasoning skills to mentally map how the 123 Robot should move in the Unit. Students will need to use directional words as they explain during discussions how they think the 123 Robot will behave, and will also use gestures as they communicate with their peers and their teacher. In this manner, students are able to develop their spatial reasoning skills through guided exploration and inquiry.