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The Meet Your Robot! Unit will familiarize you and your students with the concept of a robot that will be used in the 123 Robot learning activities. Students will be learning terminology associated with the functions and features of the robot, and use this language as they engage in guided explorations, and establish “Robot Rules” for correct and incorrect usage of the 123 Robot within the classroom.

What is a Robot?

A robot is a device that can carry out an action once it is programmed to do so. In Computer Science, a robot is defined as a device that can sense, plan, and act:

  • Sense (take distance feedback, color feedback, gyro feedback)
  • Plan (use that feedback to make a decision or action)
  • Act (act upon that plan/decision)

A robot cannot think for itself, and as such requires programming, or coding, to be able to act on its environment. A device, like phone, is not a robot because it is unable to act on or within its environment. This ability to act is a key defining feature of what makes something a robot, as opposed to another kind of device.

The 123 Robot uses Touch buttons as the tangible tools for these programming actions. Combinations of button presses communicate to the robot what actions it should carry out. There is a 1:1 correspondence between a press of a button, and the action of the robot. For each one press of the “forward” arrow on top of the 123 Robot, the robot will move or turn one unit. For more information about how to use the 123 Robot, see the Using the VEX 123 Robot Knowledge Base article.

one press to one motion

What is VEX 123?

VEX 123 allows children to explore Computer Science concepts, and you, the teacher, to incorporate things like spatial reasoning, coding, and decomposition into a wide array of content areas. There are a number of Units and Labs written to give you ideas for ways to use VEX 123 in your classroom, and all of them will include the use of your 123 Robot in a hands on way. 

render of puck

Teacher Resources are designed to provide you with the structure and support necessary to integrate VEX 123 into your learning environment. These resources will help novice teachers bring technology and innovation to their schools and experienced teachers create the classrooms of the future. Resources found on the 123 Teacher Resources page include: