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Lesson 4: Castle Crasher Challenge

VR Robot

In previous lessons within this Unit, you have learned how to move the VR Robot forward and in reverse, as well as turn left and right to knock down buildings in the mini challenges. Now, you will combine all of these commands to create a project in order to knock over all of the buildings in the Castle Crasher Playground, to solve the Castle Crasher Challenge!

Learning Objectives

  • Apply Drivetrain commands to solve the Castle Crasher Challenge to knock over the buildings.
  • Describe the correct sequence of VR Robot behaviors needed to complete a basic movement task.
  • Explain that creating working projects requires considering both appropriate commands and their order.

Putting It All Together

Drivetrain commands allow the user to control the movement of the VR Robot. This Unit has previously covered how to move the VR Robot forward and reverse using the [Drive for] block, set the velocity of a VR Robot using the [Set drive velocity] block, and how to turn a VR Robot using the [Turn for] and [Turn to heading] blocks. These commands can be used to navigate any VEXcode VR Playground.

To create a working project, the appropriate commands and the order of those commands should be considered. A Sequence is the specific order in which behaviors are performed. An action or event leads to the next ordered action in a sequence. Sequencing is important for the Castle Crasher Challenge because the VR Robot will only move exactly as the commands tell it to.

Castle Crasher Challenge

Use Drivetrain commands to knock over all buildings on the Castle Crasher Playground.


Follow these steps to complete the challenge:

  • Watch the solution video to see how the VR Robot should move in order to complete the challenge.
  • Create a new project or load a project from previous Lessons in this Unit. If creating a new project, select the Castle Crasher Playground.
  • Rename the project Unit2Challenge.
  • Launch the Playground window.
  • Load the Castle Crasher Playground to see where the buildings are on the Playground.
  • Add the blocks necessary to knock over all of the buildings on the Castle Crasher Playground.
  • Start the project to test if it works.
  • If the project is not successful, edit and try again. Continue this process until the challenge is complete.
  • Once the VR Robot successfully knocks over all of the blocks on the Castle Crasher Playground, save the project.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Castle Crasher Challenge!


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