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Lesson 1: Drawing with the Pen

In this Lesson, you will create a VEXcode VR Project that uses the Pen tool on a VR Robot to draw two different sized squares on the Art Canvas Playground!

Two black squares

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify how to use the [move robot pen] block to make a black line.
  • Identify how to use the [Set Pen color] block to change pen colors to create black, red, green, or blue lines.

Create a New Project

A new VEXcode VR project must be created before beginning Unit 3 Lesson 1.

Follow these steps to create a new VEXcode VR project.

  • Launch VEXcode VR at
  • Once you launch VEXcode VR, a new project will automatically start.
Launching VR

Name Your Project

  • To name your project, select the project name box.
    Rename Project
  • Enter the new project name Unit3Lesson1, and select “Save.”
    Unit3Lesson1 Named

Select the Next button to continue with the rest of this Lesson.