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Mars Rover-Exploring Mars Geology
Lab 1 - Collect a Martian Rock Sample

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Discussion Prompts


  • Were you able to collect the Disk successfully from a new location? What did you change in your project to do so? What stayed the same? Why?
  • Can you explain the sequence of your project in words or gestures?
  • What did you need to figure out in Play Part 2 to drive to the Disk? What strategies did your group use to solve the challenge?


  • Why do you need to set the Electromagnet to boost or drop? If you reversed the two, would your project still work as intended?
  • This Code Base has an Eye Sensor on it also, how do you think you could use the Eye Sensor with the Electromagnet and a Disk?
  • Do you think an Electromagnet would be a useful tool on a real Mars rover? Why or why not?


  • What is one way that you were a problem solver in your group to help solve the challenge?
  • If a new student joined your group, how would you explain how to code the Electromagnet on the Code Base to move a Disk?
  • How did your group do following your role responsibilities? Do you have a ‘favorite’ job or role? Why?