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Clawbot with Controller

Now that you have built the Clawbot IQ, let’s take some measurements to get more familiar with its dimensions. This will help us create and solve mazes, tunnels, and other challenges. Record the measurements in your engineering notebook.

  • How long is the Clawbot? How wide? How tall? You can use a ruler (inches or cm) or one of the beams to measure. When using the VEX IQ Beam as a measurement tool, count the spaces between the grooves on the side of the beam as a unit.

  • If you wanted to line up three Clawbots in a row, touching front to back, how much space would you need?

  • How many Clawbots would you need if you wanted to line them up, touching front to back, around the perimeter of a square that was 64 inches (162.4 cm) long on each side?