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Activity A: Grab an object!

The goal of this activity is to grab and release an object with the Clawbot using the Controller.

Here are some steps to guide your team:

  • Builder: Place your group’s object on the floor and make sure your Clawbot has enough space to move without interfering with other groups.

  • Driver: List the steps the Clawbot will need to grab the object. Be sure to include which buttons you’ll use to accomplish this task!

  • Recorder: Write the steps the Driver lists in the engineering notebook.

  • Programmer: Click the Download button in the Toolbar to download the Clawbot Control project to the Robot Brain.

Brain screen

  • Programmer: Check to make sure your project has downloaded to the Clawbot’s Brain by looking at the Robot Brain’s screen. The project name, Clawbot Control, should be listed in slot 1.

  • Driver: Run the project on the Clawbot by making sure the project is highlighted and then press the Check button.

  • Driver: Grab and release an object with the Clawbot using the Controller.

Congratulations! You have grabbed an object with your Clawbot using the Controller!

Were there any differences between the Driver’s predictions and the actions he or she had to take during the activity? If so, the Recorder can add them to your engineering notebook.