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Clawbot with Controller

Students Competing in the Teamwork Challenge
Students competing in the Teamwork Challenge

Two Types of Challenges

Using loops to control the Clawbot with the Controller has allowed the driver to navigate a slalom. Practicing driving the Clawbot is a useful task which can help you prepare for one of the challenges in the VEX Robotics World Championship.

There are two types of challenges the teams will tackle. In the Robotic Skills Challenge, teams try to score as many points as possible with their robotic build in two types of matches. Driving Skills Matches are entirely driver controlled and Programming Skills Matches are autonomous with limited student interaction. The drivers of the Driving Skills Matches switch halfway through the match and so, it is important that both teammates practice driving and come up with strategies for scoring more points.

The second type of challenge is the Teamwork Challenge, in which two robots compete in the challenge as an alliance in 60 second long matches, working together to score the most points.