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Step 1: Preparing for the exploration

Before you begin the activity, do you have each of these items ready? The Builder should check each of the following:

Step 2: Open and Save the Example Project

Before you begin your project, the Programmer needs to select the correct template from the folder of example projects in VEXcode IQ Blocks. The Clawbot with Controller Template is used for this exploration.image of Open Examples in the File menu in VEXcode IQ

The Programmer should complete the following steps:

  • Open the File menu.

  • Select Open Examples.

  • Use the filter bar at the top of the application and select "Templates."image of the Templates filter within Example Projects in VEXcode IQ

VEXcode IQ contains many different templates. You’ll use one of them in this exploration. For help and tips on using templates, check out the Using Examples and Templates tutorial.

  • Select and open the Clawbot with Controller template.image of the Clawbot with Controller template icon in example projects
  • Save your project as 'clawbotController'.image of the renamed project in the toolbar of VEXcode IQ
  • Check to make sure the project name clawbotController is now in the window in the center of the Toolbar.