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Now that the build is finished, explore and see what it can do. Then answer these questions in your engineering notebook.

  1. If you wanted the Autopilot to turn clockwise, would it move to the right or left? If you wanted it to turn counterclockwise?

  2. When building the Autopilot, what items from the kit helped in choosing the correct pieces?

  3. How could you use the leftover VEX IQ parts to help measure how far the robot moves?

Teacher Toolbox icon Teacher Toolbox - Answers

  1. Clockwise to the right, counterclockwise to the left.

  2. Students may have used the VEX IQ Parts Poster. This valuable resource pictures all of the VEX Super Kit parts, lists how many should be in the kit, and shows the items true to size for measuring purposes. The students could also have used some of the beams as a measurement too. All VEX IQ parts are made using uniform units, so the long beams can be used as a measurement tool to assist students in identifying the correct parts.

  3. Students could use the beams as “rulers” to measure and compare how far the Autopilot moves during activities. The students could even connect several together to create their own version of a yardstick.

Extend Your Learning icon Extend Your Learning - Measuring with Beams

To learn more about measuring with beams, complete the activity found here. (Google / .docx / .pdf)

Have the students draw out some rectangles in their engineering notebook and use the beams to find the perimeter of them. One student could do the drawing, another can do the measuring, and a third could remeasure to check that it is correct.