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Answer the following questions in your engineering notebook after completing Activity A and B.

  • Do you think it is easy or difficult to think like a robot? Why?

  • Why is it important to make precise measurements?

  • Do robots always make 100% accurate turns?

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  1. Some students may find it easier to think like a robot than others. Each behavior needs to be explicitly put in the program, which is a new challenge. The more students practice, the easier this will become!

  2. Precise measurements are critical to the robot achieving its task. Mistakes in measuring could take the robot to the wrong location, or run it into an object.

  3. No, robots do not always make accurate turns. This is due to turning scrub, which is the friction caused by wheels dragging “sideways” along the ground as the robot turns. Turning scrub resists the robot turning and can cause the robot to not always make 100% accurate turns.